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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I had signed up for Schlotzsky's lunch club thing a week or two back and today I received an email from them welcoming me to the Bun and Fun eClub. Where it got interesting is that the coupon they sent (free chips and small fountain drink with the purchase of a sandwich) requires identification for redemption. The following was the conversation in IRC and it just made me laugh, mostly the concept of a dopplesammich.

07/11/27 14:50:30 (talleyrand) wow, Schlotzsky's is hardcore. I just got an email from them with a coupon and it says I need to bring ID to redeem the coupon
07/11/27 14:50:48 (c0bra) lol
07/11/27 14:55:33 (mean) what the crap
07/11/27 14:56:02 (ann) "we'll need your social security number to process this deal"
07/11/27 15:00:25 (talleyrand) You don't mess around where free chips and a small fountain drink are made available for only the cost of a sandwich
07/11/27 15:00:38 (c0bra) SERIOUS BUSINESS
07/11/27 15:01:21 (talleyrand) fuckin right Bubba
07/11/27 15:01:52 (matt-fu) unforgivable
07/11/27 15:01:57 (talleyrand) Multiple use of that coupon could result in my removal from the Bun and Fun eClub
07/11/27 15:02:05 (talleyrand) Shit, now I'm scared to even use it
07/11/27 15:02:40 (talleyrand) What if identity theives have stolen me and have already used the coupon
07/11/27 15:02:53 * talleyrand hides under his cube in terror
07/11/27 15:03:00 (Quadrofonic) DOPPLESAMMICH
07/11/27 15:03:01 (mean) you'll be oven roasted and served up to the next customer

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