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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Updated resume

I don't know that I'd even call this a resume anymore. I'd say, this is my Tofslie. If you haven't read the linked article, a graphic designer by the name of Edwin Tofslie has applied his prowess to the task of making a resume a better conduit of information. I love the design.

I may keep my 2 page, more chronological based resume around as I think it might be better from a nerd vetting perspective but from a high level perspective, I think it does a good job describing what I have done and what I can bring to the table. I didn't have InDesign to use his template but Adobe was kind enough to offer a 30 day sampling. With that, I was able to pick up Scribus which is an Open Source desktop publishing product. I've never dealt with a product like that beyond some LaTeX and even then, they were very different means to achieving beautiful documents. For now at least, I think I'm done working on my template for the Tofslie style resume. I ended up writing up my sections in a simple text editor and then imported them into the template. I need to figure out which file I need to upload to allow people to use my Scribus template but I was going to bed 45 minutes ago and now I'm really going to do that.

p.s. Skydrive may not be as nifty as I'd hoped as it doesn't appear to allow direct linking but it'll host my resume for now. It also says it's a PDF but for Safari and Opera on Mac OS X it supplies the ever so helpful extension of htm Now I'm really going to bed

[edit 2010-05-17]Current resume and source files are available on my personal SVN site. It's a self-signed cert but completely legitimate.[/edit]

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