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Thursday, December 4, 2008

On the road again

This is mostly personal post, maybe I'll even mark it as private or something.

Waddell & Reed, my home of all of 2 full-time months and 14 contract months may be a thing of the past. Due to the financial hardships of late, they need to cut costs and the only way to get there is by cutting jobs. Contractors are already gone, full-timers they have a very nice voluntary separation package (VSP) going and I took it. There is no guarantee I'll be one of the ones picked for it but it makes the most sense to volunteer. I have no skin in the game versus people with 5-20 years there. My skills are still relevant and up to date so why not take the N weeks of pay and get working somewhere else? W&R is a fine place, I work with some fine people that I'll miss. But money and stability are good things too. So, I thought I'd start building out my list of KC employers that I think I'm interested in. MS SQL Server, SSIS and C#, with maybe some python thrown in there for good measure would be fantastic and if it's within five miles of my house, all the better.

Already violating the 5 mile rule are some places that just interest me

The Stowers Institute The possibility that my job could eventually improve the world, how fantastic would that be? http://stowersinstitute.com/ScientistsSought/ScientistsSought.asp
KCUMB, although when I learned about it, it was KC osteopathic college http://www.kcumb.edu/hr/results_all.asp
UMKC http://www.umkc.edu/adminfinance/hr/adminpostingmenu.aspx
Longview I have taught some classes out at Longview and I wouldn't mind doing that full time if the pay wasn't so horrible http://mcckc.edu/home.asp?qlinks=Job+Applicants

The local places that I'd really love to be at
Teva Neurosciences
Children's International
Honeywell FM&T

A job in Ireland doing any sort of programming work would be awesome. Hil said she's on board if I swing it.

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