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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ASP.NET skins

Where do they go? Why into your bin directory, assuming you
precompile your site.

That is decidedly inconvenient. When I first saw that we were doing
both CSS and themes here, I enjoyed how themes worked with sites.
It's been nearly a year since I was dealing heavily with the look and
feel of the site so some of this is based on foggy recollections.
Fast forward to today. The users request that we make the titles
stand out more so I crack open the css to change it from 8 to 10
point. Oh yeah, that's in the skin file. Browse out to the load
server to tweak it there. Let's see, site, APP_Themes and there's the
css... Sort, resort the folder. Where'd my skin file go? No .skin
file anywhere, which I suppose is good so people can't break the site
by flubbing a file like I was going to do. At any rate, time for me
to head out this evening but your skin file will be in
bin\Theme_<SkinFile>.compiled and bin\App_Theme_<SkinFile>.dll I
didn't get too far with digging through the dll with Reflector but
that can be a task for another day.

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