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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OS X application idea

This is a note for me on a project that has been percolating about in
my mind. 20 years ago this May, I graduated from grade school. I
went to a parochial grade school so for me, grade school is
kindergarten through 8th grade. There's a great deal of interest and
momentum for a reunion to take place and we have had a blast scanning
old photos and sharing them via FaceBook.

What I thought would be a great idea is to write a registration/sign
in application. It would look something like the title screen of the
Brady Bunch television program, with pictures of everyone from grade
school and you click your photo to "sign in." Unbeknownst to them,
signing in will also capture the current image from iSight and then
your badge prints up with your name and a photo of you then and now.
I think that'd be pretty slick and a lot of laughs.

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