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Monday, February 9, 2009

SSAS learning, long overdue

I've been commenting that I should get involved with BI for nearly a
year now. This weekend at a SharePoint training conference, I went to
a session on how BI can be used in SP and I think motivation finally
clicked in. I like to think I'm a TSQL ninja, my SSIS is pretty good,
SSRS isn't my favorite thing but I can do it but I can still remember
reading through BOL about snowflake pattern in the SQL Server 2000
days and how little that made sense. I think I have a better
vocabulary to begin understanding the whys and hows of OLAP so
hopefully I can stay motivated long enough to make sense of it and see
how we can fit this technology into our infrastructure. What I think
will be the easiest "sell" would be some simple cubes and then use
Excel 2007 as the UI into it.

As I find good sites for learning, I will pop them into this blog.
This seems a pretty potent site from my cursory passes through it.

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