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Friday, July 17, 2009

Google Voice rocks

Last night I received my invite for Google Voice which is their latest
product offering. http://www.google.com/voice Details of what it is
are there but my summary would be a portable phone number. It's your
phone number for life and it doesn't have to be in your area code. I
can set up a local phone number in Baltimore and when it's called,
it's seamlessly forwarded to my Kansas City number. It has call
screening for unknown number or just blocked numbers which should
handle the telemarketers the DNC doesn't handle.
The feature that has had me most excited is the voice transcription-it coverts speech to
text. Not that it transcribes your current conversation, it only
performs this task against voice mail. Those voice mails show up in a
dashboard, much like the current gmail inbox. The sender /subject is
the caller and the body of the message is the text transcription as
well as the original audio. I have not looked to see what format the
data is in but i would etpect some mp3 encoding. It doesn't stop
there of course. It can forward the transcript to another email
account or to your phone via sms. Screen shots to follow as well as
formatting cleanup since this post was written on my Diamond Touch
phone by Htc using handwriting transcriber. Soon Skynet will show
signs of sentience and the war will begin.

If you would like to see an example, call my house and leave a voice
mail with whatever message and your email address and I will send you
the text and audio. 816.200.0360

[edit]Did I think transcription was cool? Phone widgets blow that out of the water. "Call Widgets can be put on any web page, and allow people to call from that web page. When somebody clicks on the widget, we call them and connect them to you. Your number is always kept private. You can create multiple call widgets and have different settings for each of them." Check this out.

That widget, if you were to punch in your phone number, it's going to call me and your number to connect us for a phone call. How swank is that? Props to Andrew for pointing that one out. Seems there is plenty to dig in to

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