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Thursday, February 4, 2010

SSIS 2008 Select Variables

I am finally working through some of the design elements for my project and 2 years after its release, I am kicking the tires on the fancy upgrades to SSIS scripting.  No, not the ability to use any .NET language, I'm talking about this Select Variables item!  In 2005, if you wanted to pass variables in to a script, you had to type the variable names into a tiny box separated by a comma.  Flub the case or variable name, don't worry!  SSIS won't care either, at least until you try to use it.

I started typing in my variable names when I saw that most glorious of ellipses and click on it.  Look Ma, Select Variables!  Boy, that's a lot of variables...  Hmmm, no way to filter by hiding System variables like they do as a default in the Variables window.  Perhaps I can, nope!  No such luck on clicking on the column headers to sort.  At least they gave us a check box to select all/unselect all.  Maybe for the next release they'll really make it useful.

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