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Monday, June 6, 2011

Meme Monday for June

This month, Tom LaRock asks dumb sql questions.  Even having had a week to think about this, I'm still stumped on what'd be a good dumb question.  I've been trying to remember some of the dumb things I thought or did when I first started worked in sets but memory eludes me.  Instead, I'll go with a simple one: how do I get SQL Server?  

For those starting out, look at the following pricing and feature list and develop to your heart's content. Do understand your licensing conditions however, I might have known a company that was mistakenly using Developer licenses in production and had a very costly conversion to Enterprise when their error was called out.

Love what you've seen above? Buy it and move it to a production license.
SQL Server edition comparison page

Fairly obvious disclaimer. I am not a lawyer, licensing expert and the above prices reflect today's published prices on the MS website and are subject to change.  Also, Azure isn't listed as the cost depends entirely on usage.

Prime take away?  If you don't have your own copy, not work's, of SQL Server, drop a few bucks and make your home machine legal.  I kept going to release parties hoping to win a copy until I saw the developer cost is a paltry sum in comparison to Visual Studio.  At this point in my career however, I've invested in myself and purchased an MSDN license and now I have an all I can eat buffet of MS software. 

Updated 2011-06-09 with information regarding Compact Edition

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