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Monday, May 7, 2012

Meme Monday May 2012

This month's question: If you could go back in time and meet yourself on Day One of your IT career, what advice would you give? 

That's a tall order. My gut reaction would be "quit this job immediately and ride that dot-com bubble for all it's worth" but that'd have been poor advice as I wouldn't have gotten to know Steve Bowers. I worked with some wonderful and others not-so-wonderful folks there but becoming friends with Steve would pay off greatly in the future. I finally got out of that job a year and a half later, a few weeks after Steve had set sail and went to live the life of a consultant. With the .com bubble firmly burst in 2002, I found myself unemployed and having zero luck after 3 months of searching. On a lark, I sent Steve an email busting his chops about his band and he asked if I was still looking. Next thing I know, I'm employee number whatever at the same company and I can finally start digging myself out of debt. 

So what advice would I give myself? Make friends, they will help open most every door you'll have later in life.

Oh and beware of using the /domain option with net send---it won't do what you think it will do. For those too young to know, net send allowed for primitive instant messaging between computers.  I attempted to respond to one of the admin's by specifying their account with /domain option. Imagine as you hit the Return key hearing every computer on your floor beep in this strange Doppler effect as your message has been successfully broadcast to everyone in the domain. Did I say everyone in the domain, I meant everyone with a computer across all 15 different geographic locations. /facepalm

Amusing post script to the net send fiasco there, Steve was so kind as to tell folks about that hiccup at our next job together. One of the admin's there took to instant messaging me via net just send to bust my chops. As I was relaying the story to him I said something to the effect of "I shouldn't use net send, /domain hurt me me last time".  *ding* *ding* *ding* as "I shouldn't use net send" pops up on everyone's computer /doublefacepalm

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