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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A little secret

I freaking love my new job. Tomorrow marks 1 week having been with Valorem Consulting Group. My first day, I got to learn about how to apply security to dimensions in SSAS. The next day, I was out meeting with a client for 4 hours to talk them about where they want to take their databases. They're on SQL Server 2005 and are trying to understand what their upgrade options are, licensing and costs associated with a move to 2008, 2008 R2 vs 2012. Oh and I got to research database monitoring tools, SOX controls, temp database contention and clustering vs VMware's hot failover thing. Obviously, I'm not done digging into that one ;) Day 3, I'm digging into another client's DW and the cubes they built out to support it. It was nice to be able to finally put into play the training I went to three years ago. Yesterday was a blur of documentation about our findings for Day 2 client.

Today, I got to learn the details of the administrative things I "knew." tempdb should not be on C: Great, let's move it. How do I do that? To the Bing cave! Sadly, it's rather trival to move system databases. How about enabling Instant File Initialization and Lock Pages in memory? Same story, easy to do because I walk where giants have tred (and blogged). I have more sections and pages in my new OneNote book for this place than I did in 9 months consulting back at my last job. There are so many fun challenges ahead of me, I can't wait to see what I look like after all the growth is done.

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