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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summit 2013, I'm speaking!

I'm in!

I might be a little stoked so please forgive this post but I've had a submission accepted for the 2013 Pass Summit. In the "BI Platform Architecture, Development & Administration" track, I'll be delivering a talk titled "Type more, click less: Programmatically build SSIS packages."

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Marquee tag: I'm speaking!

Blink tag: I'm presenting at Summit 2013

Type more, click less: Programmatically build SSIS packages.

Why should you come to my session? Because you would love to automate some of the repetitive tasks you perform with SSIS.

You did know you didn't have to fire up BIDS/SSDT to make all your changes, right? In fact, did you know you can build complete packages without ever firing up BIDS? I wouldn't go that route unless I had a strong business case for doing so, but a little bit of up front work can yield an N% complete SSIS package.

Specific technologies I'll cover are BIMLScript, EzAPI and the base .NET library.

After attending this session, I want you to know what your options are and when it makes sense to use one approach instead of the other.

1 comment:

Iain Elder said...

Biml is exactly the kind of tool I've been looking for.

SSIS is great for some ETL tasks, but I can't get used to the BIDS programming style.

Your session page on the PASS website said "attendees only" when I tried to view the slides. I don't see a video link.

How can plebs like me hear your talk, or at least view the slides?