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Monday, May 4, 2015

Biml breaking change - ServerExecutionID is repeated within scope

This is a brief post but I wanted to note that with the 1.7 release of BIDS Helper and 4.0 release of Mist, Biml code you found from around the Internet that dealt with the Project Deployment Model may no longer build. Specifically, you might run into

The name ServerExecutionID is repeated within scope. Eliminate duplicate names in scope

In your Variables collection, your Biml likely has an entry like

<Variable Name="ServerExecutionID" DataType="Int64" IncludeInDebugDump="Include" Namespace="System">0</Variable>

The approach of explicitly declaring the ServerExecutionID was required in BIDS Helper 1.6.6 and prior to be able to access that System scoped Variable. With the newer release and the ability to natively emit 2014+ packages, this is no longer a requirement. Not only is it not a requirement, it breaks validation with the above error message.

The resolution is simple, delete that declaration.

1 comment:

Gerald Britton, MCSA SQL Server said...

Bill, I'm trying to get started with Biml, but I find the environment terribly distracting with red and blue squiggles everywhere, incorrect warning messages and (often) missing intellisense.

How are you able to work through all that?