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Thursday, January 14, 2010

CVS, as seen on TV!!!

I was attempting to resolve a CVS issue and none of the examples I found on the web would work.  Thinking perhaps the command-line version of cvs had a defect, I installed the latest and greatest version of cvsnt.  I should have known something was amiss with it when the download page kept pushing me to try the Suite.  No, I really just want the client.

Fast-forward to this week.  I'm reviewing some code I had committed since the upgrade and there's my commit message and some advertising stored there in my fracking commit!

5153:  Changes to meet requirements F2A.1 (enable sorting based on activation date and highlighting based on participation in program)
Committed on the Free edition of March Hare Software CVSNT Server.
Upgrade to CVS Suite for more features and support:

This moves a product from free-ware to nag-ware in my mind.  Looks like I'll be rolling back to the cvsnt- which just committed code.


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