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Friday, February 26, 2010

unable to load client print control (redux)

I was checking Analytics for my site this week and to no great surprise my post on Unable to load client print control has crept back into the top 5 posts.  I say no great surprise because this was my tweet on Tuesday "RSClientPrint ActiveX Control, how I hate you. You and MS09-062 are making my day hell"  The unable to load client print control issue had resurface in our corporate environment.  Fortunately, this time I was better positioned to understand the issue and resolve it.  Last Friday, the admins pushed down a host of patches and the title of one of them caught my eye, "Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-008 - Critical
Cumulative Security Update of ActiveX Kill Bits (978262)"  I should look that up on Monday but I had forgotten about it for all of an hour of being at work when I had a trouble ticket come in stating a user can't print.  
Windows Internet Explorer 
Unable to load client print control. 

Maybe it's a fluke/isolated incident and they had a workaround, they exported to PDF and printed from there.  Good users, way to think!  Next day, more tickets all with the same symptoms.

I worked with one of my awesome LAN admins (Tim A.) and we were able to determine the order of operations to get the affected servers corrected and this time, without requiring the reboot we said was needed in the original blog post.

1) Stop SQL Server Reporting Services service
2) Uninstall Report Viewer 2005 via Add/Remove Programs
3) Install updated Report Viewer 2005 (KB971117)
4) Install SQL Server update appropriate to version/service pack (KB970894/KB970896)
5) Start SQL Server Reporting Services

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