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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SSRS pages displayed count does not match pages printed

Coworker came to me with an interesting problem.  She designed a report for display in SSRS Report Manager.  QA had reported a defect where the built-in pagination was not matching the physical pages kicked out by the printer.  The display said X of 31 pages but when it printed, it consumed 37 pages.  I was at a loss.  If it was doubled, then I'd say something was up with a margin bleeding over but nope, they looked clean and it was just a few pages difference.  I said this may be some ultra-queer defect in SSRS and wished her well with Google searches.  Creative thinking/research not being her strong suit, she persisted in talking about it.  "No, see a printed page is this many rows, a displayed page goes this much further" and showed me page 2.
*click*  Light bulb went on.  I laid the two printed sheets together (landscaped) and then set a third page on top of them rotated 90 degrees (portrait).   Whaddya know, the edge of the portrait page bumped right up against the final row that was displayed.  Not sure how she managed to do it, but the printed page was landscaped but displayed/rendered in portrait mode.  

Nifty SSRS pages I wish I had more time to read


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