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Monday, July 25, 2011

BIDS Auto Connect missing in Denali CTP3 (and CTP1)

I am fairly certain I am the only person who ever noticed or used this feature, but I found it handy. In Visual Studio, an option existed for "Business Intelligence Designers" project types that allowed you to define Auto Connect options for the Control Flow and Data Flow. It wasn't perfect, but the general concept was whenever an item was selected on the canvas, a double click to an item in the toolbox would add it to the canvas at the "correct" distance and in a straight line. For those quasi-OCD folks like myself, it was a quick way to add items without having to immediately jiggle boxes to satisfy the inner demons.

From Denali_CTP3
Thus far, Denali seems to have dropped this feature. Maybe it's just hidden in a new menu but thus far, I haven't found it.
From Denali_CTP3

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Anonymous said...

Y'know what? That was one of the first things I tried to set, when trying SQL Server 2012, yesterday. I also found it useful.